Sharpening and Blade Replacements

Under normal use and with proper care, Sandrin Knives with StaySharp Technology™ may retain their edge indefinitely.  However, we do have customers that love to use their knives for everything so we offer Sharpening, Blade Replacement and Full S.P.A. (Sharpening, Polishing and Adjustment) packages for Sandrin USA Customers.  Please see our FAQ for Questions Regarding “At Home Sharpening”.

Sandrin Knife Sharpening

Due to the extreme durability of Tungsten Carbide, we had to create a new process to offer sharpening services.  In order to send your Sandrin Knife in for sharpening, please follow these directions:

  1. Select and Pay for the sharpening service you require from the options below.
  2. Input your return address as the shipping address at checkout.
  3. After checking out, print the receipt.
  4. Place the knife or knives in a safe shipping container along with the printed receipt for the sharpening service.  Knives returned without the receipt cannot be tracked or returned.
  5. Send the package to Sandrin Knives USA, 501 Winfield Road, Cabot PA, 16023.  You can use any shipping method you want, return shipping is included in the purchase of our sharpening service.
  6. Please allow 2-3 weeks turnaround.

Folding Knife Sharpening

$19.95 per knife

Kitchen Knife Sharpening

$24.95 per knife

Please note: we do not dismount the blades for sharpening and the new cutting edge angle and profile will  be different from a factory edge and polish.  Also, we only sharpen Sandrin Knives, any other knives we receive will not be serviced.

Sandrin Folding Knife Replacement Blades

We are offering factory new replacement blades for Sandrin Folding Knives.  These blades can be replaced using the provided tools, however they are not interchangeable so make sure you purchase the correct blade for your Model.  Please use caution when handling our and installing replacement blades.

TCK and TCK 416 Blade


TCK 2.0 Blade


Stay Up to date

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