Monza Zirconium

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The Blade

An advancement in the science of blade materials, Sandrin knives are crafted from our patented Polyhedral Tungsten Carbide (PTC), a flexible grade of tungsten carbide that outperforms steel in edge retention. Measuring HRC 71 on the Rockwell scale of hardness, Monza retains its razor-sharp edge far beyond steel knives. We call this StaySharp Technology™. The blade features our raw carbide finish—its striking appearance is achieved by grinding the PTC with fine diamonds. Unlike steel, the Monza blade is completely rustproof making it suitable for both fresh and saltwater conditions. The blade’s thumb ramp features carefully executed jimping, while the rest of the spine is chamfered for comfort.

Recoil Lock

Monza’s ceramic ball bearing action provides for a smooth opening and closing experience. A robust thumb stud provides for one handed blade deployment. But what really makes the Monza a modern marvel is a completely redesigned mechanism we call the Recoil Lock. This ingenious locking system is a gift to the knife community by knife wunderkind SNECX Tan, who refers to it as his PowerLock. Thank you, SNECX, for this remarkable innovation. The beauty of Tan’s recoil lock is the simple yet efficient design. The ambidextrous action delivers positive force (grip) to secure the blade in its rock-solid open position. Closing the knife is accomplished by sliding the backspacer to the rear, eliminating accidental blade unlock.  See the full instructions here.

The Ergonomics

Monza is designed to provide an enhanced handle shape with chamfered edge to allow for a comfortable yet secure grip. Two handle choices are available: lightweight Titanium handles provide for a perfectly balanced everyday carry folder or premium solid Zirconium (Zr) handles. Zr, which is found as element 40 on the periodic table, is best known for use as cladding for nuclear reactors and on space vehicles.  A reversible titanium pocket clip enables right- or left-hand carry and features our Fibonacci hole sequence design, a distinctive mathematical trademark of Sandrin Knives.

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