The Platinum Mamba


The Making of the Platinum Mamba – Why We Made This Knife.

There are objects that are pure luxury. Baubles crafted by world class artisans using exotic materials to dazzle the eye and project power. The Crown Jewels. Faberge eggs.

And then there are meticulously crafted objects that use otherworldly materials to combine artistic achievement with well-established functionality. The Bugatti Veyron. The Patek Philippe Grand Complications. The Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba.

The project began with a phone call from my great friend Rob Bianchin, Founder & CEO of Cabot Guns. Rob proposed a collaboration with Sandrin Knives to manufacture a single record-breaking knife.

“What could we create if price was no object?” he asked. “Something the world has never seen before.”

And so began a two-year quest involving some 50 of the world’s most skilled and talented artisans: jewelers, metallurgists, craftsmen and designers.

Our team made sketches and prototypes, performed test after test — embarking on a unique, no-holds-barred journey into the art and science of knife making.

Our metallurgists worked with our patented polyhedral tungsten carbide to make the Mamba’s blade harder than any steel knife ever crafted (HRC 71); a perfect combination of rare materials and geometrical lines.

We fashioned the Mamba’s handle from 11.5 ounces of platinum, inset with 320 colorless F GIA grade diamonds, artfully arranged for aesthetic delight without detracting from practical utility.

We inlaid the Platinum Mamba’s meticulously curved and concave handle with rare Wyoming black jade — creating a serpentine design juxtaposing beauty and danger.

The desire to possess an object that’s as rare, beautiful and yes useful as the Platinum Mamba is deeply embedded in the human soul; it’s an instinct that’s existed since the dawn of man.

The Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba answers that call. Some may say there’s no logical reason for making this knife. Indeed, it just happened. Like the bite of a snake.

To gaze upon the finished Platinum Mamba is what we Italians call “un sogno ad occhi aperti” — “to dream with open eyes.”

Alessandro Colombatto, Director
2nd Generation Artisan in Tungsten Carbide
Sandrin Knives

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