KMFS Sharpening System

Imported from the CZECH Republic, the KMFS Rival Stealth Sharpening System is the best at home system we have tested for both sharpening and re-profiling your Sandrin Polyhedral Tungsten Carbide Knives.

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Using The System

The KMFS Sharpening system combines high-quality diamond whetstones and lapping films with a robust and simple-to-use setup and sharpening system that makes sharpening a Sandrin Polyhedral Tungsten Carbide knife easy to do with no prior sharpening experience.  We have made a video tutorial that will take you through how we use the KMFS system to sharpen Sandrin Knives.  PLEASE NOTE:  Changing the final angle to less than 30 degrees combined (15 per side) is not recommended.

KMFS Advantages

The much of the KMFS System is CNC machined from billet ENAW 7075 T651 dualumin alloy for maxim rigidity and precision.  The stainless steel lead screws bars and bolts interface with the bronze lead bushings in such a way that both sides of the sharpener hold identical angles and the trapezoidal nut on the lead screw reduces the effect of a raised bevel on a knife tip.   What this means is that the perfectly flat diamond stones and films will make even contact on both sides of the blade for the entire stroke, creating an unfirm bevel on the entire knife edge.   Watch the video from KMFS for more details (if you speak CZECH).

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