The TCK 2.0 S.P.A Package


Our Sharpening, Polishing and Adjustment package will take your Sandrin Knife and make it look and feel like it just came from the factory.  We fully disassemble your knife, refinish or replace all of the parts to a “factory new” condition and send your knife back to you ready for years of additional enjoyment and use.  Please follow these steps to send your knife in for the S.P.A. Package:

  1. Select and Pay for the SPA service for your specific knife.
  2. Input your return address as the shipping address at checkout.
  3. After checking out, print the receipt.
  4. Place the knife or knives in a safe shipping container along with the printed receipt for the sharpening service.  Knives returned without the receipt cannot be tracked or returned.
  5. Send the package to Sandrin Knives USA, 501 Winfield Road, Cabot PA, 16023.  You can use any shipping method you want, return shipping is included in the purchase of our S.P.A. service.
  6. Please allow 2-3 weeks turnaround.

Please note: in some cases certain knives may not be able to be refinished to factory new condition, in those instances we will replace the entire knife with a new one of the same model.


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