The Sandrin Nakiri


This industry-wide success story starts at the legendary Italian metallurgical company, Turmond SPA, where they developed a proprietary “breakthrough” method for using tungsten carbide in truly revolutionary ways.

In so doing, they developed the most technically advanced Chef knife ever made.

Here’s why…

First: Not only is the tungsten carbide blade made of the “unheard of” hardness rated at 71 Rockwell.

Remember: Engineered metal is capable of so much more than regular steel.

Because of the properties of this special metal, functional stresses are setting new standards for the knife industry as demonstrated by the Sandrin TCK folder

Plus, since the engineered metal (tungsten carbide) is now the hardest knife blade in the world, this unique knife can probably be called…



Additional information

Nakiri Specifications

Overall Length: 11,41''
Blade Length: 7''
Cutting Edge: 42°
Blade Thickness: 0,36''
Blade Material: tungsten carbide
Blade Style: nakiri
Blade Grind: flat grind
Finish: ground
Edge Type: hollow grind
Handle Length: 4,92''
Handle Thickness: from ,78'' to ,35''
Handle Material: PA11
Color: black
Weight: 4,72 ounces
Knife Type: kitchen knife
Brand: Sandrin Knives
Country of Origin; Italy
Best Use: vegetables
Product Type: Knife

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